Nuclear plant engineering portfolio


Design // planning // implementation // commissioning of air-conditioning systems

NICKEL offers optimum planning services for facility management systems in nuclear plants.

As buildings and plants in the nuclear sector have to meet strict regulations for use, they need to be equipped, above all, with high-quality facility management technology. Structured and targeted planning can be used to implement all the special demands made on ventilation and air-conditioning technology, e.g. qualification measures, tailored quality assurance procedures and comprehensive documentation, efficiently and on time.

This is one of the core areas of expertise of Nickel Kraftwerk Service GmbH.

Our department focuses on the special requirements of nuclear plant operators and can provide fast and professional help with all technical and engineering issues.

That is why NICKEL works closely with you to develop and fully implement the best possible ventilation and air-conditioning solution.

It makes sense to draw on the expertise of a traditional German company with more than 110 years of experience in the industry and over 30 years of specialist expertise in nuclear plant engineering, service and maintenance.

NICKEL offers optimal solutions for nuclear plant engineering:

  • Ventilation systems inside and outside the control area
  • Air-conditioning technology for processes
  • Air-conditioning technology for control rooms and offices
  • Smoke extraction technology
  • Process refrigeration technology
  • Air conditioning of IT rooms
  • Cold water systems

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